Work on your project begins with personal communication.

Different types of videos correspond to different ways and goals of communication. We get acquainted with what your company does, find out in detail the purpose and form of communication, your expectations and targets, and make up a detailed brief. The brief contains technical requirements for the video, creative idea, target audience, message, CTA, tone of communication, visual style, storytelling, visual and other references, requirements for music, graphics. On the basis of the brief, we write and offer variants of the script for the video.

If we work with an agency, the brief and script may already be written, and we discuss ways to implement it.


The cost of the video depends on many factors (it all starts with the script). We prepare a detailed estimate and discuss with you the possible options for shooting equipment and other costs.

Payment is carried out in three stages: 20% at least 7 days before the shooting day, 60% 2 days before the shooting day, 20% within 3 days after approving final version of video.


At the pre-production stage of the commercial shoot, we create director’s storyboard (sometimes also animatic), which we necessarily approve with you. Casting, location scout, work of the art department are conducted on the basis of this document. Artistic solutions will take into account the corporate visual style of your company.

In general, discussions and coordination of all important components of the video with the client – actors, location, clothing, props, music – is the key to the success of the project.

Before shooting, we will meet for PPM (pre-production meeting) and once again go through all the details of the future video to be sure that we have the same vision for all important points. For this meeting we make a detailed document.


All decisions are made, crew is hired, actors are approved, locations are ready – we can shoot. Camera, sound, action!

Shooting is the embodiment of ideas that have been carefully planned on the pre-production stage. And it is a fascinating atmosphere on the set, active creative work, inspiration – but all this is strictly on schedule ..

In the process of shooting we continue to work closely with you. In the best case, your representative and representative of the agency are present on the set.


Post-production includes editing, dubbing, sound design, writing or selection of music, motion design and animation, color grading. Each stage of post-production we discuss with you. Post-production takes from several days to several weeks, depending on the complexity of the project and the deadline.

After the approval of video, we send you a master copy and, if necessary, make versions for different social medias (vertical video for Instagram Stories, video with subtitles for FB and others).

And as a bonus, we also promote your videos.

Call us and let’s shoot together!